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Both the primary card holder and the authorized user can be negatively affected by the other person’s actions with the account. Typically, co-signers don’t get a card of their own, receive monthly statements or have access to the credit card account. is an independent, advertising-supported publisher and comparison service.

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The lender ordinarily won’t check on the authorized users’ credit histories, but it may report their activity with the card to the credit bureaus. This can be a good thing for authorized users who are trying to build a credit history in order to qualify for a card on their own. To become an authorized user, consider talking to a trusted friend or family member with an active credit card account. If they agree to add an authorized user, they can reach out to their credit card issuer to start the process or check what options are available online. As with checking accounts, primary account holders’ liability is limited by law.

Examples of Primary Account Holders

Closing a joint account is similar to closing any other bank account and may require a visit to a bank branch with both account holders present. “Because joint accounts mean joint ownership, you should only fund a joint account if you completely trust the joint owner, as they will have access to funds that you deposit into the account,” she says. You are trying to play the credit game, but it is important to stay within the legal lines. When considering purchasing a primary tradeline vs. an authorized user tradeline, there is a big difference in what you are saying. Since this tactic does exist, if you are considering buying a primary tradeline, it is essential for you to know everything about that tradeline.

For instance, if you’re the primary account holder, or borrower, on a credit card, you can add an authorized user to your account. That person will receive their own card that they can use to make charges, within the scope of any spending limits you’ve set for them. The CFPB says that authorized users generally aren’t responsible for paying the debts of deceased primary account holders. But if the card issuer reports the information, the authorized user may see positive effects on their credit if both the account holder and the authorized user use the credit card responsibly.

primary account means credit ranges are derived from FICO® Score 8, which is one of many different types of credit scores. If you apply for a credit card, the lender may use a different credit score when considering your application for credit. Learn more about the benefits and how you can add an authorized user to a Capital One account. Just make sure you know the pros and cons, and that you approach any decision to open a joint account with caution.


For example, how Visa assigns identifying numbers to account holders will vary from how Mastercard assigns its numbers. While the long string of numbers on your credit card may look random at first glance, primary account numbers are not assigned randomly. A primary account number is created by following a system set by the American primary account means National Standards Institute (ANSI). The ANSI system codes the numbers to identify the card issuer, network, and account, with the goal of preventing fraud and identity theft. This is especially common with business accounts, where a secondary holder may be authorized to make deposits into the account but to withdraw money from it.

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And both cardholders are responsible for paying the balance every month—no matter who made the original purchases. The difference between authorized users, co-signers and joint account holders has to do with the level of access and responsibility each party has over a particular account. The biggest perk of opening a joint account is the convenience of having money in one place.

Primary Account Number vs. Account Number

In contrast, the authorized user account is not claimed to be primarily your account. You are simply an authorized user, which is a verifiable fact, and no laws prevent you from having the right to be an authorized user. Plus, if you were to hypothetically open a joint credit account with someone, usually both parties have to accept the liability that the other person could damage their credit. In order to remove a joint account holder, you almost always have to just completely close that account, so then you end up with a closed account. A primary account in Google Pay streamlines the payment process and ensures your transactions are processed smoothly. It allows you to easily make purchases, send or receive money, and manage your finances with a default payment method you have chosen as your preferred option within the app.

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Since you are the one on the hook for the debt, primary accounts are often seen as a better indication of how financially responsible you really are. This is why it’s important to have some primary tradelines in your credit file as part of your foundation for good credit. It is also why some believe that primary tradelines are superior to AU tradelines. Not only that, but buying primary tradelines may not even help as much as you may hope or as much as other options. When you open a bank account, you’ll usually need to give the bank your name, address, and Social Security number.

A joint account might not be the best option if both parties are not comfortable sharing with each other how they spend their money. If you and your partner split up, they could try to stake claim to half of the account balance, even if you feel some of the funds belong solely to you — such as money from an inheritance or work bonus. The chance of overdrawing the account can be greater when two people have access to the money in an account. You can help avoid this by discussing larger purchases with your partner before using money from the account for them.

How would you know if they are fabricating this account or if it is a legitimate account? If it is, in fact, a legitimate account, then you know you are not the legitimate owner of that account. To summarize, official sources have made it clear that using a CPN instead of your Social Security number to apply for credit is fraud on a federal level. CPNs also often involve stealing another person’s Social Security number, which adds identity theft, another federal crime, to the mix. Also, the line of credit in this scenario almost always can only be used at the business who issued it to you, so you cannot use it to pay for other expenses.

The primary difference is that both people who own the account have full control over it. Both account holders can also add funds or withdraw them from the account. For the companies who have a solution to this problem, the answer is they are most likely committing fraud. Those seasoned primary accounts were not your accounts and you do not have a payment history on those accounts, and it is not a good idea to use dishonesty to try to get around that. What is primary account number (PAN) – If you are familiar with your payment cards/credit card, debit card, etc.., at the point of consummating transaction online you are required to provide your PAN. The financial institution will, however, request certain personal information from the primary account holder, including their full name, address, and Social Security number.

What do PAN digits mean?

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primary account means

There are several reasons why an account holder might add an authorized user, like helping family members build credit or access the account. Before adding an authorized user, it helps to understand how it works, the responsibilities an authorized user may have and how it could impact credit scores. Joint checking accounts work like checking accounts, letting you write checks and use a debit card. Joint savings accounts work like savings accounts, keeping your money safe and paying interest. Most often, joint accounts are held by one individual and a spouse or partner, family member or business partner, but it’s possible for any two people to open a joint bank account together.

But this compensation does not influence the information we publish, or the reviews that you see on this site. We do not include the universe of companies or financial offers that may be available to you. If you pay someone to report a primary tradeline to the credit bureaus in your name, who’s to say they are not just creating a fraudulent “tradeline” out of thin air? In other words, they could essentially be making up false information and reporting a tradeline to the credit bureaus that does not exist. Buying primary tradelines for a CPN number, also known as a credit profile number or credit privacy number, is also bad news.

Both joint account holders share the responsibility for all charges made by each other and by any authorized users. These accounts allow two individuals to be considered primary account holders. Joint accounts are common for married couples or family members, such as a parent and a child. Either person can withdraw or spend the money at will — even if they weren’t the one to deposit the funds. The bank makes no distinction between money deposited by one person or the other, making a joint account useful for handling shared expenses. But a joint bank account should only be opened with someone whom you trust, since that person has equal control over the account’s funds.

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